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Often, at any moment of the day, I have a question about anything and everything. What I did without the internet to look things up and spend countless hours going deeper and deeper into a simple question that could be defined in Wikipedia or a dictionary is beyond me. Basically, because it (the info) is there, we keep searching.  So I thought I would create a Category on my blog for all those “random thoughts” that flow through my head and what I find online, if you were wondering the same thing.  Of course you can make your own search, but it’s good sometimes, and at other times not, to know what’s going on in my noggin’ – it’s probably to some people’s advantage as I’m blogging they can read all my thoughts on issues, so maybe I’ll have to mix it up and talk in code… lol, oh well read on if you must. Hmm maybe I should call this Category, “Random Thoughts… Go ahead, look on the right hand column on the page, under “category” and click on “Random Thoughts” – go on… nothing more here for you to read. 🙂 ###

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What is the Truth? What is Worldview?

What is The Truth?

In 2008 during a midweek service I saw a promotion of The Truth Project. I was immediately intrigued. Shortly afterwards, I attended a small group and went through the 13 week series. It changed my life.  The Truth Project is primarily taught by Dr. Del Tackett, and special guest speakers; presented by Focus on the Family.

There are many circumstances, teachings, readings, experiences – that have helped me grow into being a better Christian. Besides daily devotions and journaling; preparing and going on missions; I would say that these studies are some of the tools  that I carry with me years later in my walk with Christ and I highly recommend you Experience God by learning The Truth.

1. Small Group study of Experiencing God.

2. Small Group study of The Truth Project.

To find a small group near you and for more information click here:

The Truth Project


What is Worldview?

The thing that I remember most about The Truth Project was the definition of “Worldview” – Do you have a biblical / Christian worldview or do you believe whatever the majority of the world believes to be “truth”?

Spiritual Gifts – What is it? Take the Test

Spiritual Gifts

Definition in the Bible: I Corin 12:1-11

7 A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other.

Calvary Chapel statement of belief, “The Bible clearly delineates that spiritual gifts are for the edification of the body and that they are to be exercised in love. We believe that love is more important than the most spectacular gifts, and without love, all exercise of spiritual gifts is worthless.”

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If you’re interested in taking the test online click on the link here: Spiritual Gifts Test