1.5 Accepting Gods Invitation

O – Observation: The first three realities of the “Seven Realities of God – are about what God is doing around us; God pursuing us; and inviting us to become involved with him and his work.  The other four realties are what are we going to do – how do we react or respond to God’s invitation?

 Reality number four: God speaking and revealing his purpose and his ways, this is the invitation to join him in his work.

 Reality number five: a ‘crisis of belief’ in the example of God inviting Moses to get involved. Moses’ first reaction was to say, “Who am I” and can’t you send someone else to do your work? – Ex. 3:11, 13, 4:1, 10, 13) – this seems to be the common response from a large group of Christians who are not doing as Matthew 6:33, Seeking God First.

Reality number six: We need to make major adjustments to our life to join God in what he is doing.  All too often we find ourselves very comfortable in our daily routine, even if that routine has nothing to do with God’s work. It’s a safe life to stay within the boundaries that we feel no one will reject us nor judge us.  However, the Lord may have other plans and he may be calling you out of your comfort zone to get involved in his work. Will you obey?

Realty number seven: We as children of God come to know God by experience as we obey God and see how God can accomplish his work through our obedience.  This of course is where the life lessons are learned and imprinted into our hearts and minds. These are the experiences that increase our faith and our walk with the Lord becomes stronger.

 Read from: Experiencing God – Unit 1 – Day 5: God Works Through His Servants, Part 2

S – Scripture: Exodus 3:2-8 and Numbers 12:6-8

 A – Application:

Don’t allow fear, laziness, or the unknown – hinder my ability to step out in faith when I feel that God is calling me to get involved with the work that he is doing around me. It is my responsibility to see what God is doing and get take action and accept the invitation. I cannot wait for God to use me; his work is already being done, waiting for me to accept the call.

P – Prayer:

Father forgive me for the times that I have not paid attention to your voice, your direction. Help me to see and hear where you are working and receive the invitation to be used for your glory. Help me to move quickly through the “crisis of belief” and to know that I can do nothing alone, only through Christ – all things are possible. In Jesus name, amen.

Date: 24 March 2010

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Strength in Weakness

Today’s Date: February 16, 2010

Strength Out of Our Weaknesses

Reading: Leviticus 1-3:17, Mark 1:29-2:12, Psalm 35:17-28, Proverbs 9:13-18; Our Daily Bread: Heb 11:33-34

S – Scripture:

Who through faith . . . out of weakness were made strong. —Hebrews 11:33-34

O – Observation:

ODB – gives a great example of a great historic event that forever marked a great man to great depression of the 1930s. We are reminded that although we have and will continue to have failures in our lives, this does not mean that our entire life is a failure. Examples of Abraham, Moses, and David – “despite their sins, these men are remembered for their preserving faith – just as today’s verse tells us, we are made strong through our weaknesses.”

Dennis Fisher wrote: “Our life is not a failure if we’ve repented of our sins. God can still use us to serve Him.”

A – Application:

I can apply this scripture to my life by knowing that Christ is our great redeemer. Jesus not only came to take on the sins of the world, he is our example of how we are to live and grow in our relationships with the Father and with our brothers and sisters here on earth. I know that I have made mistakes and as hard as I try, I will “fall short of the glory of God.” I can strive to do my best and know that none of my sins, mistakes, or failures is a waste – I can learn from all of it and God can use it for his glory.

P – Prayer:

Lord thank you for forgiving me of my sins. I ask that you guide me and give me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to do the things that are your will and give me a joyful heart to do your will. I ask that I not fail you, but if I do, through faith, you will strengthen me. In Jesus name, amen.


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