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Iwo Jima Flag Raising Marines

Iwo Jima Flag Raising Marines is now

I’m backkkkkk….. Well, it’s been a long, long while that I have written on this blog, mainly because it’s been offline and I went from a free blog to self-hosting and back on Fortunately, I think I had most of my data before I shut down the prior site and decided I don’t need to monetize this site just yet and will keep my food blog and writing separate from my devotionals and Christian Living topics.

I guess one could consider this a season of change or as in the photo depicted here a newness, a sense of hope as the flag is raised again in battle and a victory won – more on that later I guess – life is a challenge and our hope in Christ is the victory

Much has happened over the past few years when I first began B2B and even in the last year, of which I’m trying to reorganize and categorize my writing into simple categories; unlike life at least we can try in our writing.

In short, I think it’s been about a year that I got a rude awaking from the hosting company that my cost was going to be more than I was making in writing and I needed to rethink the blog. So, I saved my data and held on to it until now. I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long, maybe I have a better direction of what I write and where topics will go. I’ve narrowed it down to keeping my blog title which I really liked but couldn’t get my domain back from the hosting company so I changed the domain from to – semantics I know, but such is life. Since this is going to be on the free WordPress for now, I’ll still refer to it with the number 2 in the middle.

Another change was that I combined two of my other blogs (and probably entries from other sites) that had personal pieces of Christian Living and one on Christian book reviews – in with my devotional blog and decided that Bible2Blog wouldn’t just be my devotional SOAP journals but also various Christian topics, cause God has a plan for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11) and we may not know what it is just at this point, but He is in control.

UPDATE: Feb. 20, 2013 – I have finally gotten the B2B approved and transferred over. You can now search on or and you should arrive at this site!

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Life’s Lessons, New Insights, New Year…

2011 – I thought I’d start another blog and then decided to combine it with my devo blog. This in contrast to my other writings in order to write about some of the things that I have been going through personally as a new wife, stepmom, living in a different state and culture than I was accustomed to. In addition, the challenges of changes to my body as I not so always gracefully age – the journey of understanding the meaning of life for me here as I know it, and how my relationship with God my Father impacts the rest of how I strive to live day by day.

I started journaling my daily Bible devotions some years ago when I first learned a study method at my home church. Since then I have been able to learn and grow more than I have in my lifetime of studying the Bible. I’ll be blogging some of what I journal using the SOAP method –

I find that journaling my devotions allows me to better understand the scriptures I am reading, go back and reflect on things I wrote in the past and see where God is leading, and where I need to follow. I hear Him much clearer when I journal my devotions, rather then just reading alone.

I’m starting to read a book by Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) founder Bill Bright. You can read my review here: “My Life Is Not My Own.” Dr. Bright talks about how we are to be “slaves to God.” Which can be a hard pill to swollow in our American cultural understanding of what it means to be a slave.  However the scripture says in Romans 6:22 that “we have been set free from sin and become slaves to God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life.”  Verse 16 says that were slaves to sin, obeying what the master of that sin was – whether it was a person, job, habit – whatever, we did whatever the master of that sin was. We are to be slaves to Christ who is our “go between” to God.

It’s interesting to note that as I read just the beginnings of this book that is opened by letters from Dr. Bright’s wife Vonette, their two sons who are in ministry, and the present president of CCC – even as Dr. Bright spoke to the ministry workers and interviewers and basically everyone he came into contact with – he would say that he never had any problems. When in Dr. Bright explained what he meant by this statement, which baffled many; he stated that as a slave to God, only God has all the problems, as his slave we didn’t have to worry about the problem, we just had to be obedient, as God would figure out all the details of how he wanted to orchestrate the issues of the problems and tell or guide us (his slaves) to complete the tasks at hand.

Welcome to a more intimate view of my life, my journey.

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