Fear of God

Today’s Date: Feb 12, 2010

Fear God


Reading: Exodus 34-35:9, Matt 27:15-31, Psalm 33:12-22, Proverbs 9:1-6

S – Scripture:

Psalm 33:18 “But the Lord watches over those who fear him, those who rely on his unfailing love.”

O – Observation:

What does it mean to “fear” the Lord, if God is love, why would we fear him? We should look at the phrase, “fear of the Lord,” or “God fearing”.  We’ve often heard these terms but do we really know and understand why?  I believe this is a good definition of the word fear, as used in the bible:

*Fear:  Although there are occasions in the Bible when the word fear represents the human emotion of terror (Exod. 23: 27), there is also a fear which means awe in the presence of the holy (Eccles. 12: 13). This fear induces a hatred of evil (Prov. 8: 13).

There is also awesome fear in the NT, as when the women were told about the Resurrection (Mark 16: 8). ‘Those who fear God’ or ‘God-fearers’ is a technical term applied to pagans who attended a synagogue but shrank from circumcision (Acts 10: 2).

We should note that in Psalm 33:18 it’s the “awe” of the Lord that induces a hatred of evil. God wants us to reverence him.  Like most of us, whomever raised us as our parents / caregivers, we loved them, and yet we feared them in a way that sometimes was because of the consequences of our misbehavior and even when we didn’t know if they would approve or not, it was a fear of reverence – wanting to please our parents. 

A – Application:

I fear God the same way, yet more intensely because no one is above God. He is our Lord, he gave us his son Jesus for our sins and he is our Savior. Our parents gave us physical life and we were entrusted to them on this earth, yet the Lord has given us eternal life. Thus, above my parents, my spouse, and all others, I fear God above all things, in turn he promises to ‘watch over us’.

P – Prayer:

Father I thank you for your patience, love, and understanding. Lord, I thank you for opportunities – to share your Word and your grace. I ask that you show me your will and allow me to know and do your will with a grateful heart. In Jesus name, amen.

*definition of fear found here – encyclopedia.com.


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