Change Up: Journaling from Experiencing God

I’ve decided along with my daily devotional readings from various “Reading Lists” of which I have mentioned when I first began my journal earlier this year, I would like to go back to The Experiencing God series and journal on one unit each week for the next twelve weeks. What’s nice about doing this is that I can review and refresh what I learned in a great study and I’ll have scripture verses and topics that I can expand on in my devotional journal… Continue reading Change Up: Journaling from Experiencing God

Just Moved! Welcome to

Blog Transitioning: After attending a WordPress WordCamp and BarCamp techie gatherings in Miami, FL last month; I’ve decided to take blogging to the next level and get it off the WordPress servers and learn the process of self-hosting. I’m still working diligently on this – and it’s much more than I thought but a great learning experience. Which means I haven’t had much time for the “writing” of the blog itself. I will be doing SOAP on the Experiencing God workbook – however I’m still transitioning the site, along with other life responsibilities. Continue reading Just Moved! Welcome to