Why Did Jesus Speak in Parables?

…when He spoke in parables, He explained them only to His disciples. But those who had continually rejected His message were left in their spiritual blindness to wonder as to His meaning. He made a clear distinction between those who had been given “ears to hear” and those who persisted in unbelief—ever hearing, but never actually perceiving and “always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth” (2 Timothy 3:7) Continue reading Why Did Jesus Speak in Parables?

Storytelling Secrets

Today’s Date:  January 19, 2010 Storytelling Secrets?   Reading: Gen 39-41:16, Matt 12:46-13:23, Psalm 17:1-15, Proverbs 3:33-35 S – Scripture: Matthew 13:10-13 (New Living Translation) 10 His disciples came and asked him, “Why do you use parables when you talk to the people?”  11 He replied, “You are permitted to understand the secrets[a] of the Kingdom of Heaven, but others are not. 12 To those who listen … Continue reading Storytelling Secrets