Time, Gifts, and Talents

“Is it possible that God is calling each of us to do so much more with our lives? Is God calling us to really use the time, gifts and skills he has given us for something bigger than ourselves? Is God calling us to produce a great harvest of loving and serving and blessing others in our lives? So that when we arrive at heaven’s gate at the end of our lives we will hear verse 21 from God Himself – “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Continue reading Time, Gifts, and Talents

The End of the World

I believe that we all, at some time or another have wondered, “how much longer” will I be on this earth. For some it’s a thought when they are given the news of a deadly, sometimes incurable disease. For others the thought comes when they hit a certain age in life, or when a close family or friend dies, in which they want to die themselves due to the loss. I don’t really hear people talk about the actual time of when the earth would come to a complete END. It’s a scary thought, so we live our lives day by day and more people probably ask the question, “what happens to me after I die, than what happens when the world ends.”

Read more about: Question: “How can I know for sure that I will go to Heaven when I die?” Continue reading The End of the World