Feb 23, 2019

When I read through the Bible I ask myself these simple questions, write them in a notebook, and then blog about them as part of my Bible Study. I’m no theologian or Bible Scholar, I’m just a Christian, working through the Bible, journaling what I learn and documenting those thoughts and notes in my personal blog. If you wish to join me and share your thoughts, please comment but I reserve the right to not approve those who have nothing to add to the growth of the topic.


Most people never read through the entire Bible, or they start out and never finish, it’s a challenge that I’ve started many times but admit, I don’t think I’ve fully been able to complete. Like many other Christians I have the Bible through the Year and many version of Bibles, my primary reader is the NKJV. I’ve been a believer since I was about 12 years old and now I’m many decades older, yet I am always learning more through the Holy Spirit that the Lord gave us to teach and dwell within us.

I pray that your walk with the Lord will be encouraging, uplifting, and inspire you to grow closer by going to the Word.