3 Things you think about when you read your Bible

Stop with the Attitude

As I’m reading through the Bible this year, I find that I’m reading slower, more intentionally vs just getting through the reading plan. You know what I mean, when you’re a task-oriented individual and you have a ton of things on your mind, we’re all guilty of it, that mentality of ‘just get it done!’ Well, Stop It!

So with your actual physical Bible, not your phone or computer – I would highly suggest in order to do your reading plan that you actually think about what this time means. It doesn’t mean it’s another task on your to-do list, it’s actually quality time with the Lord. So, number one – this is what you think about, how do you give quality time to someone you love. You give them your full attention, not keep looking if you got emails or who’s texting you. That’s another reason timing – when you read your Bible – is important. I’m not a morning person, but if I get up a little earlier than when I normally need to, I can focus on the Word with less (not no distractions but less).

Anyone with a smart phone is guilty of being distracted by our phones and not interacting with the people right in front of us!

Stop Distractions

With notebook in hand, one of the tips I’ve learned through the years while reading my Bible is to have 2 – yes TWO notebooks. One for your Bible study notes and one for all those ideas that fly through your brain as you’re trying to read. For example, ‘oh I forgot to buy bread’ or whatever the task is. We all have a short attention span as technology is around us everywhere. So stop allowing those distractions to take from your quality time with the Lord.

Is that You Lord?

How do you know what the Bible means? Well, that’s a pretty loaded question. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit which dwells in us, will be left for us, to comfort, teach, and you can read more in your Bible and reference scriptures you can find here.

I personally journal in a notebook and ask myself questions while I’m reading. For example, although I’ve been a Christian for decades, I often know what a verse means or is referring to, but different translations use different words and if my brain starts to wander, I write that word/question in my notebook to cue myself to look up the definition of a word or how/why it was translated that way – even if I had read that verse dozens of times in the past.

For example I was in Matthew 6, specifically verse 24 – the one where Jesus says we can’t serve two masters. The word mammon struck my thoughts so I wrote that down, it’s part of how we study and think while reading our Bible and opens our hearts and minds to that question, “Is that You Lord?” Is He trying to teach, speak, give you thoughts of things you need to work on in your life or maybe you’re just a curious person, or maybe you’re storing His Word to bring back to rememberance for another time. For whatever reason, write it down and you’ll have lots to think about later when you look it up but you can also keep reading without derailing yourself too much!

Before this becomes too long, I’ll stop here for now. Let me know what thoughts you have or should have when you read your Bible.

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