God’s Not Dead – Resurrection Day

Watch the preview of God’s Not Dead the movie here:


HGods Not Deadave you seen the movie yet? How appropriate that this movie came out a few weeks before the world celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. Both Christians and non-Christians celebrate Easter but only a few will truly understand the pain, sacrifice, and life-changing reason for Easter – it is the day that Christ, our Savior was risen from the dead as prophesied in the Holy Scriptures.

Although the movie is not about the death and resurrection of Christ specifically like the most watched and most translated film,  The Jesus Film Project – this movie is about a college student in today’s time who is told by his college professor to write “God is dead” on a paper so that there’s no debate in his philosophy class. There are several stories within the film that depict how other students are affected by the choice of one student who stands up for his faith.

This is a very well done movie and is playing in theaters at the time of this post. It is doing so well, that initially the movie was released in select areas and is now expanded to most all major theaters across the country as it had a great opening weekend. 2014 seems to be the year of the Bible stories and Christian movies. Some of them are not well done, by way that they are not Biblically correct. God’s Not Dead is not a Biblical story but the story of one young man who stands for his faith and the stories around him help the viewer to think through their own life and hopefully come to a spiritual conversation with a Christian or give their life to the Lord through prayer – by confessing with you mouth that Jesus is Lord, asking for forgiveness for your sins – you too can have eternal life in heaven when that time comes. See Roman’s Road to Salvation.



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