Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree…

Should Christians have a Christmas tree?

Should Christians have a Christmas tree?

Should Christians celebrate Christmas? This could be a hotly debated topic as various aspect of the American Christmas has nothing to do with what Christians believe in, that this may not be the exact date of Christ’s birth, but it is a time to rejoice over the birth of our Savior. In one case, based on the interpretation of the Bible and trees decorated in our homes, one could look at the scriptures and say, we should not have a Christmas tree as this is a form of idol worship. What? You may say, you’ve never heard of this in Sunday service, why hasn’t the pastor taught on this and why do they have trees all around our church? Well, it’s up to debate but this is what GotQuestions.org has to say about it and more importantly, we need to seek God and the scriptures for our own convictions.

An excerpt from GotQuestions.org says, “Another argument against Christmas, especially having a Christmas tree, is that the Bible forbids bringing trees into our homes and decorating them. The passage often cited is Jeremiah 10:1-16, but this passage refers to cutting down trees, chiseling the wood to make an idol, and then decorating the idol with silver and gold for the purpose of bowing down before it to worship it (see also Isaiah 44:9-18). The passage in Jeremiah cannot be taken out of its context and used to make a legitimate argument against Christmas trees. Read more: http://www.gotquestions.org/Christian-Christmas.html#ixzz2oOtRiXRK

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