The Resurrection of B2B to

Iwo Jima Flag Raising Marines
Iwo Jima Flag Raising Marines is now

I’m backkkkkk….. Well, it’s been a long, long while that I have written on this blog, mainly because it’s been offline and I went from a free blog to self-hosting and back on Fortunately, I think I had most of my data before I shut down the prior site and decided I don’t need to monetize this site just yet and will keep my food blog and writing separate from my devotionals and Christian Living topics.

I guess one could consider this a season of change or as in the photo depicted here a newness, a sense of hope as the flag is raised again in battle and a victory won – more on that later I guess – life is a challenge and our hope in Christ is the victory

Much has happened over the past few years when I first began B2B and even in the last year, of which I’m trying to reorganize and categorize my writing into simple categories; unlike life at least we can try in our writing.

In short, I think it’s been about a year that I got a rude awaking from the hosting company that my cost was going to be more than I was making in writing and I needed to rethink the blog. So, I saved my data and held on to it until now. I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long, maybe I have a better direction of what I write and where topics will go. I’ve narrowed it down to keeping my blog title which I really liked but couldn’t get my domain back from the hosting company so I changed the domain from to – semantics I know, but such is life. Since this is going to be on the free WordPress for now, I’ll still refer to it with the number 2 in the middle.

Another change was that I combined two of my other blogs (and probably entries from other sites) that had personal pieces of Christian Living and one on Christian book reviews – in with my devotional blog and decided that Bible2Blog wouldn’t just be my devotional SOAP journals but also various Christian topics, cause God has a plan for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11) and we may not know what it is just at this point, but He is in control.

UPDATE: Feb. 20, 2013 – I have finally gotten the B2B approved and transferred over. You can now search on or and you should arrive at this site!

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