Strength Finders 2.0, by Tom Rath

I was given the opportunity to attend a 3 day workshop using this book. I purchased the book from Amazon on my own and attended the workshop through the College and Career ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, through a ministry I volunteered in.

The workshop covered the various types of Strengths that a person has, instead of focusing on improve on your weaknesses. This book and the workshop taught us how to see other’s strengths and how to accomplish the same goal by using each person on the teams gifts or strengths, instead of trying to change the person; and if the particular gift was needed to accomplish a certain goal that we may need to find another person that already has the strength instead of trying to wait until someone can get up to speed to learn the task even though it is not a natural strength that God has given them.

This is an easy to read book and there is an online test that you can take; please note that the ebook version may not have the code that you need to enter online to take the test to see what your top five strengths are. The retail price for this book is $24.95, best price was at Amazon.

This book helped me during a time of career transition, which is also how the College and Career workshop was set up to help those in transition from various careers, in and out of full time ministry. I recommend this book and the online test. If you are able to find someone who is doing the workshop based on the book, I suggest that for in depth focus on the subject.

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