Deny Yourself

Today’s Date:  January 25, 2010

Deny Yourself

Reading: Gen 50 to Exodus 2:10, Matt 16:13-17:9, Psalm 21:1-13, Proverbs 5:1-6

S – Scripture:

Matt 16:24  “…Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

O – Observation:

People’s New Testament (commentary):

Mt 16:24 If any man will come after me. Compare Mt 8:34-38 Lu 9:23-27. The conditions of discipleship are presented.

Let him deny himselfLet him be prepared to say no too many of the strongest cravings of his nature, in the direction more particularly of earthly ease, comfort, dignity, and glory.

Take up his cross. Luke adds daily (Lk 9:23); not once, but all the time. The cross is the pain of the self-denial required in the preceding words. The cross is the symbol of doing our duty, even at the cost of the most painful death.

And follow me. To follow Christ is to take him for our master, our teacher, our example; to believe his doctrines, to uphold his cause, to obey his precepts, and to do it though it leads to heaven by way of the cross.

A – Application:

Often we hear of people who say you must bear your own cross, or “take up your cross”.   In applying this scripture in my life I am reminded that taking up my cross daily is (as Wesley’s Notes) “let him in all things deny his own will, however pleasing, and do the will of God, however painful.”

P – Prayer:

I pray that I will have the faith, patience, grace, and understanding to deny my own desires and my will to do God’s will. Father help me to be a good servant, student, and example of your ways. In Jesus name, amen.


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