Must Have: Accountability Partners

What is an Accountability Partner?

Answer: “Numerous research studies across all walks of life have shown that having a partner, someone to hold you accountable, will help you to succeed with whatever task you are trying to accomplish. Whether you’re dieting or quitting smoking, having someone specific to be your accountability partner will increase your chances of success considerably. If you are a Christian, an accountability partner can make a huge difference in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Accountability partners can be extremely helpful in any Christian’s life. Here are the all-important qualities needed for a great accountability partner relationship: read the rest of this article by clicking here.

What does the Bible say on the Importance of Accountability?

Excerpt from above –

Is accountability important?

Answer: With much temptation already in the world today, Satan is working overtime to create even more. We must have a brother or sister we can count on when we are facing temptations that threaten our spiritual lives. King David was alone the evening he was tempted into adultery by Satan. It may have appeared to be Bathsheba who tempted him (2 Samuel 11), but the Bible tells us we fight a war not of flesh but of the spirit, against powers and spiritual forces who threaten us (Ephesians 6:12). (read the entire article in the above link.)




  1. This is something I’ve always had a struggle with, ever since I heard the term “accountability” used in any positive sense. In my background being “held accountable” was always a threat of something negative … “I’m holding you accountable for this failure!”

    Along similar lines, I’ve always wondered why I need an “accountability partner.” I don’t need somebody to tell me where I fail. I take all of those, and more, to heart. I get mad at myself whenever someone else suffers due to the indirect consequences of my actions, even up to the point of “man, if I hadn’t taken this road, you wouldn’t be late to your meeting, honey.” (Never mind that I had no idea there would be a delay.)

    I’ll admit freely that there are some things taught by “good Christians” that I choose to avoid. The reasons vary, but they are thought out. I don’t care much for being blamed for, e.g., not walking x miles in the winter when the “accountability partner” doesn’t know how my cold weather asthma can make that a serious risk to my ability to breathe.

    Sorry for the random thoughts, but some time I’d like to see a balanced view of this idea of “accountability.”

    • Joe, I appreciate your thoughts and honesty. It’s refreshing. Most people would say, “Oh that’s so great, we really need to do that… blah blah.” But then there’s no action. People can even belong to an accountability group and choose NOT to participate. I guess you could think of your accountability partners as a ‘think tank’ but with one more step – if you or they really want to get moving on what they are needing accountability in – they need to receive as well as give. Mahalo (thank you) for your comment and we always appreciate random thoughts!

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