Nothing is Impossible with God

Daily Devotions – Reading Thru the Bible

Jan 01, 2010

Gen 1, 2, Luke 1

S –  Scripture: “For with God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1:37

O – Observation: The book of Luke, chapter 1 includes the story of Mary being told that she will give birth to the Son of God and his name will be Jesus. In addition the Angel of the Lord tells Mary that her cousin Elizabeth is also with child in her old age, and she was said to be barren. The scripture verse of 1:37 says this is an example of two women – one who conceived even though she was still a virgin (v34 “How can this be, since I do not know a man?”)  The second miracle, v37 that nothing is impossible, is that Elizabeth who is old in age and was said never to have children (barren) is a miracle and is also pregnant at the same time as Mary.

A – Application: I can apply this to my life in remembering that no matter what “science” or “logic” or “others” say is true and can’t happen – that with God nothing is impossible.

P – Prayer:

1. That I will have faith to believe ALL things are possible with God.

2. That I will accomplish all the things that God sets before me.

3. That I am and continue to be a faithful servant of Him, by serving others. That I will be able to live, learn, grow, and share all that God blesses me with.

4. That the Lord will bless me with a job that He directs me to, so that I can not only make money to pay for daily living expenses and past expenses, but to use me as His tool to share His words of wisdom and guidance and to love others.

5. That I will do my daily devotions and use them to learn and grow and help others with what I learn.      ###